The 11th International Gel Symposium (Gel Sympo 2017) organized by Polymer Gel Research Group, Japan (PGRG-J) and co-organized by the Society of Polymer Science, Japan (SPSJ) will be held at Spring Hall in Nihon University (Tsudanuma Campus) Chiba, Japan during 7 - 9 of March, 2017. The symposium will be focused on “Challenges and Innovations in Polymer Gels and Network Materials”. Scientific topics of the symposium will include all areas of polymer gels and polymer network materials from both fundamental and application points of view, with special emphasis on Chemistry (novel syntheses of gel, micro/nano-gel, network formation), Physics (structure, theory, gelation, optical and mechanical properties, absorption), Functions (stimuli-sensitivity, biocompatibility, sensing, self-healing, etc), and Applications (cosmetics, SAP, sensors, separation system, fuel cell, catalyst, implants, drug delivery system, tissue engineering). More than 25 excellent scientists will be invited from Asia, Europe, America and Japan to the symposium. Besides, contributed oral and poster presentations will be programmed.

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